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The Priest of Corruption
Score 7.1
Type Manhwa

I used a cheat to create a character in the game. When I came to my senses after pressing the play button, I had possessed the “Priest of Corruption” character…

The Crown Prince That Sells Medicine

Synopsis The Crown Prince That Sells Medicine I guess it can’t be helped. Reforming internal constitution, recovering energy, invigorating vital energy, and increasing vitality. I’ll take care of my body…

Chronicles of the Demon Faction

Synopsis Chronicles of the Demon Faction Chun Hajin, the strongest assassin of the Orthodox Murim’s Righteous Heavenly Alliance. Hajin loses his life as he tries to escape to find freedom….

Absolute Necromancer
Score 5.3
Type Manhwa

The tower. An unknown place with many rapid changes.Ten years later, I reincarnated into the body of a boy who lives on Earth in South Korea.”The guy who backstabbed me…

Academy’s Genius Swordmaster
Score 7.0
Type Manhwa

Ronan lived a wasteful life filled with regrets. A second chance befalls him at the end of his futile life. He went back to the time when he was a…

The Reincarnated Assassin Is a Genius Swordsman
Score 6.7
Type Manhwa

Synopsis The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman I was a chained dog in my past life. I didn’t remember my parents and I lived an emotionless life; like a…

Healing Life Through Camping in Another World

Healing Life Through Camping in Another World Synopsis: The Star chef, KangHyun, hid in a quite countryside after losing his sense of taste where he found A pathway to another…

The Player Hides His Past
Score 8.3
Type Manhwa

The virtual reality game “History of the Archana Continent” became part of reality, and players who were synchronized with humans appeared to protect the world. Lee Hoyeol, who was an…

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